Grand Opening of 2nd Tower Lakes Rain Garden

August 9th, 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended the Grand Opening of the second Tower Lakes Raingarden on July 4th

With that garden opened we were able to complete the final report and claim the rest of the reimbursement from ILEPA.

This 5 year project, which started with the seed of an idea from VoTL Past President Leitner and TLIA Lake Committee Chair Burgoon, matured into two beautiful and functional rain gardens and a wetland restoration which are shining examples of Best Management practices for removing pollutants from Stormwater runoff and reducing the volumes of rainwater from overwhelming our aging storm drain infrastructure. Every resident can help. We have now >20 registered conservation gardens in individual homeowners properties within Tower Lakes. Learn more at conservation@home

If you would like to read the final report it can be found [Insert Link Here to wherever you can post the document]

Thank you to all our volunteers and the Boards of TLIA and VoTL for making this possible.

319 Project Evaluation and Final Report Tower Lakes

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