Document Requests

FOIA Officer – Christine H. Burgoon, Village Clerk
Telephone:  847-526-0488
Facsimile:    847-526-0489
FOIA Application: Click to download

Police Records FOIA Officers, Commander Richard Colasuono
Telephone:  847-526-0444
Facsimile:    847-526-0567

Requests for Public Records


Requests for public records are fulfilled under the guidelines of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act. The appointed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officers for the Village of Tower Lakes are shown above. Click here to download our FOIA Application which includes instructions on how to submit to our office.

How to Request a Record

All requests for Village records not found online must be submitted in writing and preferably to the attention of the FOIA Officer. Requestors may use the Village of Tower Lakes’ suggested FOIA Request Form, which we recommend for best efficiency, or may submit their own written request for records. Requestors choosing not to use the provided form should provide contact information (ideally including full name, current address, e-mail, phone number) where we can correspond, plus as detailed a description as possible of the documents requested (date range if known, document type, etc.) and whether or not the documents are for commercial use.

Written requests may be submitted in person at the Village Hall, or mailed to the above address marked to the attention of the FOIA Officer, or emailed to the addresses shown above or faxed to the fax numbers shown above.

The Village will respond to your request within five (5) business days, excluding the day the request is received, unless an extension of five (5) additional business days is needed as provided for in the law or another time period is agreed upon with you in writing. Commercial requests will be responded to within 21 business days with an estimate of when the records will be available. At that time the requestor will be informed, if applicable, of any fees associated with the request or of any time extensions or clarifications.


If the requested records are kept in an electronic format, you may request that they be produced in an electronic format and, if feasible, the Village will produce them in the requested electronic format and deliver them by e-mail or over the internet at no charge, or on CD/DVD. In some cases it may also be possible to convert records kept in paper format and deliver them electronically. If it is not feasible to produce or deliver the records in the requested electronic format, you may decide whether to have the Village produce the records in the electronic format in which they are kept or in hard copy format. For electronic format delivered on a storage device, you will be charged only the cost of the medium on which the documents are reproduced (i.e., disc, diskette, tape). For paper copies, fees may be charged for more than 50 pages or for large sizes, color, or other conditions as noted in the below fee schedule. There is no charge for the first 50 pages of paper copies if they are black & white and 8.5” x 11” or legal size.

Certified Documents

For an additional charge documents may be certified. Certified documents have a signed and notarized letter from the Village Clerk or FOIA Officer stating that the attached documents are true and correct copies of the original documents on file with the Village of Tower Lakes.

The Village advises those needing public records for legal proceedings to have their documents certified.

Fee Schedule for Duplication of Public Records & Associated Charges:

  • Black and white, letter or legal size copies:  There is no charge for providing the initial 50 pages, after which the cost will be $0.15 per additional page.
  • 11”x17” black & white copies: $0.15 per page.
  • Letter or legal size color copies: $0.20 per page.
  • 11”x17” color copies: $0.20 per page.
  • Digital copies of documents or photographs on CD/DVD: $1.00 per disc.
  • Photograph prints: at cost for reproduction.
  • Larger size black & white or color copies: the actual cost incurred by the Village for reproducing the records.
  • Digital Storage Devices other than CD/DVD: at cost for purchase.
  • Certification of a document: $1.00 per document.