Village News

The minutes for regular village board meetings are available for review following the next board meeting minutes approval. Available via hard copy or PDF.

  • Curfew for persons under 17 years of age is generally midnight to 6AM Friday and Saturday nights, and 11PM to 6AM Sunday through Thursday nights. There are new exceptions to this curfew in 2004, which are covered in the detailed description on the Police page. The fine for violation is not less than $100.
  • The Emergency Management Agency of Tower Lakes is a group of volunteers organized to assist the community in preparing for, mitigating, responding to and assisting in a disaster situation. Watch for their periodic educational campaigns and refer to the following useful emergency preparedness links:,,,,
  • We have historical research and clerical tasks to be done which could qualify as community service credits for any interested BHS student volunteers with a good eye for detail. Please contact Trustee Dave Parro at
  • A revised leaf burning ordinance was passed in August 2002 after several months of public hearings and study. Burning of leaves is now permitted only from 9 am to 4 pm Oct. 1 through Dec. 15 and April 1 through May 31. Fires must be constantly attended. Other restrictions apply. Contact the Village Office or read the newsletter for more info. Please be considerate of your neighbors who may have health concerns with smoke. Do not burn wet material and do not burn during high winds. Recreational fires, as defined by Village Ordinance, are not prohibited. Please consider subscribing to the low cost yard waste service provided by our waste hauling contractor as an alternative to burning leaves.
  • A state law effective Jan 1, 2007 requires at least one carbon monoxide alarm in every residence.  At least one CO alarm is required within 15 feet of each room used for sleeping. Failure to install or maintain such alarms is a class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a fine up to $1500. Enforcement inspections may be done by fire or emergency personnel if called to a residence for an emergency, or by the building inspector in the course of inspections for building permits.
  • The Village of Tower lakes utilizes the Connect-CTY® service, a village-to-resident notification system, sometimes referred to as Reverse 911. With this service, police and village leaders can send voice or text messages to residents and businesses within minutes with information about severe storm warnings, boil orders, road closures or any other time-sensitive information. The Connect-CTY® service is used to supplement other communication plans and augment public safety services. Contact the Village Office or click on the link in the left margin if you want to add your e-mail or additional phone numbers to your profile. We know your mobile and work numbers and e-mails change from time to time, so a secure on-line tool for number maintenance is shown below and on the main pages of this site. Please take a moment to sign up and remember to update your data as it changes so you will not miss important government or public safety announcements.
  • Don’t miss these three outstanding articles about our town, Tower Lakes: A Look at Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowBarrington’s Best Kept Secret and Tower Lakes: Fun with Future Stewards; the latter two written by former Village President Kathleen Leitner.